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Faith in a faithless world

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I am in a minority group. I am a Christian. Please don't think less of me for that as each of us have our beliefs and I would always respect that. My pages concerning my faith and service are produced not to 'bible bash' but to give an honest account of what has happened to me. Neither, because I am a Christian do I for one moment consider myself in any respect superior to any fellow human being that may profoundly disagree with my sentiments.


I was brought up to attend a Primitive Methodist chapel in the Fens of Lincolnshire. My mother played the organ and my father was an Atheist. I had a Christian Sunday School teacher who was very patient with my erratic behaviour. I had no faith in God at all and at the age of 15 joined the Royal Navy as a Telegraphist. I sailed around the world and spent most of my time drunk and doing the things sailors do. However throughout this I had a deep sense of wrong, a sense of judgement. 

It is hard to describe my feelings at this time. I was rational, I was not odd in anyway, but I just couldn't escape the deep sense of being wrong. I studied Greek Mythology and also read a bible - I was so confused. I tried to be good, I tried to be bad, i tried to be religious...but deep within a sense of being unworthy increased.  I didn't know what was happening then, but I do now. God was at work. He was showing me that I was lost and helpless and worthless before Him.

I was scared. I was honest with myself. I wanted to know God but was afraid that He didn't want me and would never accept me. I prayed, I read but no peace with God was forthcoming..I banged on church buildings and shouted for God..but no one answered me.I was alone and lost.

Of course no one knew about this as it was deep within me..I kept drinking, laughing, fornicating just as if all was ok. But it was not. I was alone, lost and God seemed silent.

One night at HMS Mercury the Signal School, whilst I was waiting to join a new ship, I met a man who spoke with me about how God knew I was like this and that He, God had made a provision. This man spoke about Jesus Christ, Who is the Son of God and came to die to take away my guilt and sin (for it was this condition that was keeping me away from God). He told me that this Jesus was pure, perfect and lovely in every way and that He had deliberately and personally given Himself for me as an offering to God. He literally took my place. He died instead of me. This death was accepted by God by raising Jesus from the dead and now He is alive - really alive and able to offer and to give me the faith to believe and granting me the ability to repent or turn away from my sinful condition. He gave me a new life, a new nature and a new love to replace my old dreadful nature. I gave Him myself, He gave me Himself.

I gave my life to Him and He imputed His life to me and I was free from guilt and the penalty of my sinful nature. All this was down to Him. To His Sovereign Mercy and Grace. He didn't have to do this - but He did. Why me? I don't know. Why did He pass by millions and come to me? For sure there wasn't and isn't anything in me to attract Him to me, in fact most people were far better than me... But He is God and can do what He wants, when He wants and where He wants - if He couldn't then He would not be God.

My reading of the Bible and my experience formed my theology - which I began studying and devouring immediately - I am what would be termed a Calvinist, although I prefer not to use such a term except for matters explaination. I prefer the 'Doctrines of Grace' or 'Reformed'. I believe in the Total depravity of our human nature (the 'total' refers not to the depth of depravity but the coverage - our mind, heart and will is covered by this condition). I believe that God positively and unconditionally chose for Himself a people, if He didn't then He would be a God Who depended on us. Also I believe that Christ died definitely for those given to Him..He didn't die with His fingers crossed hoping someone would believe. I also believe that those given by the Father to Son, Who won their salvation are effectively called by the Holy Spirit, Who convinces them of their need and breaths life into them so that they believe in the death of the Son...then these people, through failure, fear, joy and sorrow will keep going and be presented to God as His so God would be all in all!  Boy that is exciting!!

My Eschatological view is one of optimism. As man fell into sin by listening to and believing the word of satan and ever since that has been the situation. The gospel is the Word of God through the living Logos, Christ. By believing the gospel, the Word of God, man is re-instated. The story of the world is the story of the Word. The Gospel, when believed turns around the work of satan. It seems therefore right to say that the triumph of the gospel is what we should look for - that the fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah and the psalms that all the world will come to worship Him is a song of triumph.  The best is yet to be. God will be glorified as He works all things to that end in defeating the work of satan on Earth.  For too long has the Christian church been 'hanging around' waiting for the Lord to come and get us out of this terrible mess...isn't it about time we sought His Face and pleaded that Jerusalem should be the praise of the Earth and then the bride will be radiant and ready for the coming of the bridgroom!!

All this has put me in a minority group!  So I have preached about the glorious truths of God from that point onwards. I have been an Evangelist, Missionary and Bible Teacher - I am thrilled when I can read the Scriptures and explain and see people changed by God.  I have created a page with links to some of my sermons preached when i was a Pastor. I hope that you are challenged or encouraged by them. it is but a small part of what I can do for Him Who has done so much for me!!

The reason why we are here

'The Chief end of man is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever' (shorter catechism).

For a Christian the answer is 'For God's Glory'. Let me explain. God is absolutely pure and perfect in every way, otherwise He would not be God. When someone on earth does well and is good at what they do or have done..then we rightly recognise this by affirming them a degree of thanks and praise for their charactor/efforts.  Now..God is perfect and does all things perfectly so it is His right to be praised for fact if God refused this praise He would deny Himself, for perfection demands admiration and praise. God is not being selfish by wanting everyone to praise Him and 'glorify' Him, but He is simply being true to Himself.

God is also all Wise and wisdom is the right use of knowledge. God's knowledge tells Him He is perfect so His wisdom operates on that premise.  So when God works all things in this world by operating His wisdom expressed in His providence,He is working to one great end which is His Glorification - that all men everywhere should glorify Him, which is His chief desire and our chief end in life. The creation displays and magnifies His glory. Christians show His glory in redemption and the unconverted, who reject His love in Christ will glorify God's perfect justice and Satan and the rebellious Angels will also glorify God when He excerises His perfect justice and judgement in their condemnation. So in all God will be glorified and His perfection will be acknowledge. That is reason why we are is for the GLORY OF GOD.

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Is that you ‘Scratch’? - I think we starred in it it - no idea what happened to the Yorkshire TV film. Probably banned nowadays due to the title!!
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any one know about the film Show Me Your Cod end

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Hi John

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