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The Bow Tie is no longer the sole perogative of the College Lecturer, or the fuddy duddy old gentleman - now it is become a fashion accessory that is a must for young folk too. Initially it takes a bit of bottle to wear one, but the secret is to carry it off without any sense of self consciousness - the minute you feel self conscious then you will panic! To be honest I think, although men won't admit it, the greatest fear is after having spent a long time in front of a mirror trying to get it right - then you step to meet your admiring public and some berk says " oh is that a self tie one .." Then proceeds to pull it and it and undo it...panic sets in..shall I attempt to do it up In public?..or should I excuse myself and go to the loo and spend half an hour wrestling with the thing...will I be found out as a "Bow-tie hypocrite"?. I think this is the secret fear that haunts all men and turns them into quivering they are not brave enough to be a Gentleman. But do not despair my quivering little friend for help is at hand. We of the Bow-Tie fraternal are here to give you the confidence you need and put fibre into your timid spirit!!

Casual and manly
'Here's looking at you kid..'
British Bulldog
Pity not a self-tie, but Nigella looks great!

Where do we start..

Right bit over left, then under the first right bit then make a! should be the left I've got my finger stuck in it!!

Ok, what I will give you is several sites where you can buy your bows (self tie of course!) and if you then go to Youtube you can see lots of videos showing you just how to do.

Etsy is a great site, just type in self tie bow ties and off you go. One seller I use a lot is a lady called Louise, who lives in France and makes my ties for me. Her prices are sensible, the quality is excellent and the service is fast and polite And very professional bagzetoile is Louise's site. She will make to order, either do a self tie bow with a clip at the back so if you are still a bit nervous it comes already tied and can be left like that if you feel you can't master it or can be undone and re-tied. She will also make to your exact size, at no extra cost, so you can wear with a wing collar without a fastener showing.Another site Swaggerandswoon. Gary, the owner is very helpful and they have a great selection. So does Pocket Watch and Wastecoat. Valerie also is very helpful and will make to order to fit your neck size. A different site is the Tieroom Swedish made bows - these are like Saabs and Volvos they are heavy duty and great for the casual look as many look great with a pair of Levi jeans - yes I did say that - sometimes it's great to mix the Gentleman with a dash of casual and these ties will hit the spot - actually all these I have mentioned do the more 'casual bow tie', which personally I think is great. If you want to combined a liberty style pattern with a rich tweed then I have discovered a wee Etsy site that is in the UK run by Julia Fox called Ivy cottage Tweeds. She can also be found on ebay uk. Excellent self tie bows and service is so polite and fast.

Below are some of the site links mentioned. 

Here's how it's done!!
The secret is that little gap at the back .. After a while you will get it. DON'T give up!!
Informal self tie
Formal self tie
Public speaking

Is this you?

Of course you don't have to start with a bright red tie like this - you could choose a grey of country blue.

When speaking with a friend recently about self tie bow ties he said something that was very funny and very cunning. He said that he wore a pre-tied bow tie for a Kilted wedding and kept an untied one in his the evening progressed he slipped away and took off his pre-tied and slipped on his untied and let it hang loose James Bond everyone assumed that he had worn a self-tied bow all the time!!  It's the cunning way we do things in Scotland!

However here are some of our greatest fears when it comes to bow ties, fears that turn a brave man into a quivering heap. Is this you?

  • Afraid to take the plunge.
  • Fear that if you commit yourself to it you won't be able to tie it when the time comes.
  • Afraid that someone will 'pull it out' whilst you are wearing it.
  • Afraid it won't look right (actually a self tie bow can be better if a bit untidy as it looks as if you have tied it yourself).
  • Just afraid that you will look odd wearing a bow tie - some people feel that even when it is a 'bow tie' night and everyone is wearing one. But the first time you wear one and 'come out' in public as a 'bowtieist' it can be a scary thing!

However the secret is 'just do it' and act 'normal' in public. I just carry on and forget you are wearing it! Another helpful point is to wear a bow in a casual way. For instance a pair of 501s, a denim button down shirt and a casual jacket or junky cardigan. This way you can 'semi' melt into the crowd and gradually give fibre to your shrinking spirit and then progress on to more daring styles!


Just that bit more....

A well made boutonniere can look as good as the 'real thing'.

If you are feeling really daring then you could add a boutonniere to your look. I always feel that such an addition speaks of daring and flair and the ladies love it as it shows you are not afraid of your manliness and have tender side with a splash of humour,

I find that you can use a real Rose summer but by and large I like to use hand made silk flowers as they just don't droop towards the end of the day....unlke me, a drooping boutonniere and a drooping me is just too much to bear.

Once again - be different and wear a boutonniere with a casual look! ....with a pair of 501s can send a message of casual gentleman,,,try it.

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julia fox | Reply 31.07.2017 21.38

Hi John

Thanks for the mention...really pleased you like my ties. I have also designed a range of boutonniere's and waistcoats to compliment my ties.

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31.07 | 21:38

Hi John

Thanks for the mention...really pleased you like my ties. I have also designed a range of boutonniere's and waistcoats to compliment my ties.

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Can you please send me your e-mail so I can send you a PDF

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