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Taking a stand today

We don't have to wear designer clothes or a top hat or to vote Tory or to be rich to be a Gentleman - it's ABOUT YOU and YOUR ATTITUDE to LIFE. Years ago on the South coast of England I met a man. He was Jewish and looked like Fagen. He lived in an old house in total squaller since the death of his parents. He was to all intents and purpose like a Tramp. However this man wore clothes (now almost worn out and unwashed) like a Gentleman (buttoned fly, button braces,Crombie coat etc..). He was so polite, courteous and in a strange way a Gentleman. The impression this man left on me has been lasting. Yes he was now dirty and unkept but that couldn't cover up some essential 'Gentlemanly' qualities.

The point I am making is that being a Gentleman has more to do with an attitude, a kind of impression that is real and geniune.  Look for instance at the late David Niven, no matter how he was dressed he was a Gentleman - it just shone through.  Another example was the late Fred Astaire.  

The conclusion I have come to is simple. That being a Gentleman has to do with an inward attitude and approach to life and others, especially the opposite sex. This attitude is usually accompanied by the appropriate dress, although that is desired it is not essemtial - for instance my friend in Brighton or David Niven wearing swimming shorts, the 'Gentlemaness' remains in evidence!


Some Chaps and Chapesess at a Chap Olympiad.

There is a newish movement around - half in fun but a lot in ernest! The revival of the CHAP! The Chap is a roguish Gentleman, maybe a bit of a 'Cad' but always well dressed,polite,sometimes with a good briar but always a Gentleman. 

The Chap Magazine is great fun and a must for all would be Chaps.   They hold a yearly Chap Olympiad which includes events like Cucumber sandwich discus throwing and Hop,Skip and can see all this on their site above.


Gentleman Music and films

The Canadian Nightingale

The Chapish music takes you back to an age when men were men and the ladies loved having the door opened for them. As Vera Lynn of old was the Gentleman's favorite so today is the Canadian Nightingale Patrica Hammond.  She sings many of the older songs and does so with a romantic nostalgia. Another fun cd is 'White Mink and Black Lace' which is very different but worth a look 

Of course there is so much more - these are just tasters. You may not like them, but I do, however as a warning I also like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Captain Beefheart, Wagner and Metrical Psalms!

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers in 'Top Hat'

As for FILMS, well of course you have guessed it already. I love the old films, Fred Astair, Humphrey Bogart, the old British/American films the list is endless....oh I know sometimes the acting is wooden and they smoke (perish the thought!) but there is something clean and entertaining about them. Not only that but actually they are in the main more true to life and without silly far-fetched ridiculous gun fights and impossible car chases (unless you include the KeyStone Cops that is!). 


Cary Grant
Brief Encounter - tear jerker!
David Niven & Loretta Young
'It's not dark yet, but it's getting there' Bob Dylan
Wedding in Florida
With my darling chapess' sharing a cofi
'Yeah,right' dream on- I can wait for heaven for my joy
I always wanted to be the 'Man from Del Monte'!!

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12.12 | 09:27

Is that you ‘Scratch’? - I think we starred in it it - no idea what happened to the Yorkshire TV film. Probably banned nowadays due to the title!!
John (Joe)

12.12 | 02:36

any one know about the film Show Me Your Cod end

31.07 | 21:38

Hi John

Thanks for the mention...really pleased you like my ties. I have also designed a range of boutonniere's and waistcoats to compliment my ties.

24.12 | 12:44

Hi Neil
Can you please send me your e-mail so I can send you a PDF

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