What is 'Steampunk'?

Abney Park

I am not 'in to' STEAMPUNK but I do appreciate much of it's fashion and fun. Many folks have tried a definition of it and your definition depends very much on whether you are 'in to' the fantasy side or just the fashion..or even a bit of both.  Steampunk is a world that was and has never been! Some say it is Post Apocalyptic others just the way things might have been. It takes images of the steam age - the favourite is the airship or dirigible, each has a dashing Captain and odd looking furnishings and weapons. A bit like Jules Verne or the Wild wild West, or the Steam train in 'Back to the Future 3'. The clothes....well you have to see it for yourself to understand it. There are stories written (I am not a fan of them) I just like the concept and fun aspect of it. What is interesting is that many of the sites that sell Gentlemens wear i.e. Fishtail trousers, waistcoats, period shirts are also used by Steampunk followers - so there is a crossover.

Dirigle Captain

The 'PUNK' aspect of STEAMPUNK I think is a misnomer as it really is nothing like Punk but more akin to Carnaby Street or very close to the 'Romantics' as it is what might be called a 'non violent' style. Although it fantasises about Dirigble (Airship) battles and odd steam powered weapons it does not translate into the modern world or have any sense or spirit of hatred of society as such but lives in a make believe world of fun and fashion.

There is also DIESELPUNK which as the name suggest is images, usually the US, of the 20's, 30's 40's etc. 

STEAMPUNK also has it's own music, again it's not as violent as Punk or is it in the main 'rebellious' music, except to portray a 'what might have been world. It is more 'haunting' that violent' - one band 'Abney Park' (after a famous cemetery in London). http://www.abneypark.com also 'Steam Powered Giraffe'  http://www.steampoweredgiraffe.com a fun pantomine group of very talented folk dressed at Automitrons. Anyway if you don't take it too seriously it's fun.

Steampunk Apple computer
Gentleman Steampunk
Lady Steampunk
A culture alone
Steampunk stuff on Ebay

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12.12 | 09:27

Is that you ‘Scratch’? - I think we starred in it it - no idea what happened to the Yorkshire TV film. Probably banned nowadays due to the title!!
John (Joe)

12.12 | 02:36

any one know about the film Show Me Your Cod end

31.07 | 21:38

Hi John

Thanks for the mention...really pleased you like my ties. I have also designed a range of boutonniere's and waistcoats to compliment my ties.

24.12 | 12:44

Hi Neil
Can you please send me your e-mail so I can send you a PDF

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