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Chromophobia - Fear of Colour

Dare to be different

This is a problem that many men in the UK suffer from. If you look at many high street men's clothing shops you will see what I mean. Very few are colourful but sell dark blue or black or drab colours when it comes to the more 'formalish' jackets and even suits. I know that if you work in the 'City' that the uniform is conservative, but come on chaps we are not at work all the time, so be more daring - some shops like Zara break the mould but by and large compared to the ladies section which has a bright and exciting aray of colours - the men's are drab and boring.

When shopping in well known Department store recently, a store that actually had some striped boating blazers, I observed a man with his wife (and this has happened more than once)...he picked up a brightly coloured striped blazer & pulled a face 'Can you see me in this!!'  he said to his wife..she looked & probably thought 'actually I could!!' But was the man conditioned to think that his mates would think that he suddenly decided to  'bat for the other side' and he was afraid of the whole idea.  Chromophobia - fear of colour is common today! Combine that fear with a Scopophobia -  a fear of 'being looked at' and you have a perfect combination that will keep a normally sensible courageous man quivering in his boots everytime he comes near a Boating Blazer or a bow tie or something that just might be the cause of someone looking at him. So he retreats into a flowerless, pinkless non striped world of safe blacks and dull greys!

The boys are in town!

Ironically in God's creation the male of the species is always the most colourful...think of the Cock Pheasant, the Peacock, the Lion, the Blackbird, Cock Sparrow, Bantam Cock, Mandrill etc.. It has been suggested that the drab nature of the female enabled them to blend into their habitat so they could bring up children in safety and not be picked on by preditors whilst the boldly coloured male would be seen as a defence protecting his partner as a true Gentleman should... maybe a lesson for today?. It was also thought that the health of the male was judged by the female by how bright his colours were! Ah well these are just theories by those who say they know! 

Maybe, just maybe, the problem stems from the Reformation when Scriptural truth was re-discovered & the great emphasis (rightly) was on the sinful nature of man, however as a sign of this nature men wore more black and drab clothes fearing that they would appear proud. So together with many other factors 'manliness' became associated with dark drab colours. It has not always been this way.

Wearing colourful apparel does not mean you have gone all 'girly' or that you are proud and showy - you can wear bright colours and still like football and drink Real Ale And sing Rugby songs to your colourful hearts delight being safe and secure in your manliness. 

Some ideas

Rod not afraid to be Rod

Ok, maybe your not totally convinced - it's hard to shake off the dark grey shackles...anyway let me give you some simple ideas. You could start with a simple but colourful pocket handkerchief. What you could do is slip it into your dark blue casual jacket and then walk round the block a couple of times - go and buy a paper and see if people point at you and laugh. If they don't then you could try something more daring like a boutonniere (a flower in your button hole!). People tend to like these and I always get nice remarks. I usually wear a quality silk one as they don't droop!  The thing about a boutonniere is that you can wear one with a sweater and jeans but it just adds a little colour and gives you more confidence and an air of fun. Or you could try a brightly coloured scarf this is easily slipped off if you have a panic attack. Another thing you could try is to buy a pair of colourful golf trousers like dusky pink or country blue, then if you are seen in them and again panic you can pretend to do 'Air Golf' swings, then people will assume you are just a golfer and you can slip home and change.

Anyway these are just basic ideas before you go and buy that Boating Blazer and two tone brogues, bow tie and go down the local to see your mates!!

Dusky pink
Pocket Handkerchiefs
Your host

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12.12 | 09:27

Is that you ‘Scratch’? - I think we starred in it it - no idea what happened to the Yorkshire TV film. Probably banned nowadays due to the title!!
John (Joe)

12.12 | 02:36

any one know about the film Show Me Your Cod end

31.07 | 21:38

Hi John

Thanks for the mention...really pleased you like my ties. I have also designed a range of boutonniere's and waistcoats to compliment my ties.

24.12 | 12:44

Hi Neil
Can you please send me your e-mail so I can send you a PDF

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