All packed and ready!

 I hope you enjoy this simple page about our visit to our Ex Colonials in the US. We flew from Glasgow with Virgin

At hotel in Glasgow
A bit of our plane called Ladybird a 747 400 series
Decent into Orlando
Our home for the next few weeks
This is in a retirement Gated Community called 'The Villages.

Meeting our friends

LtoR back Wayne,Alex,Pauline,Josh Front Pem, May,John

These are our very close Christian friends. We have been friends with 'Pem' since 1973 . They are all dear friends with a very British sense of humour!

Alex and Pauline we have known since birth and Josh is Pauline's intended.

Our rented motor (second one!!)
After renting a KIA Sportage the thing kept cutting out, so we broke down on the first day and had to be rescued by Brian the tow truck guy from Budget. Brian changed the KIA for this Jeep Patriot which is much like our own Jeep - much better!
Other transport
With the house comes a Golf Cart. As we are in a 'Gated community' residents use these to get around. Also they have left a set of Golf bats (think they are called clubs?) in any case I bat left handed so they are no use for me!!
Now this really is the last resort!

Modern Technology

As this part of Florida is a little unfamiliar we decided to go and get a cheap basic Sat Nav that when we return we can leave it with our friends. Good idea we thought!

However we soon found out that the woman inside the Sat Nav was as lost as we were. The thing didn't seem to have scooby where to go. She took us all around everywhere to get to a simple location. We are warned about such women leading men astray in Proverbs 8! 

Anyway we have resorted to a map and common sense and the occasional phone call to our friends to tell us where we are.

Driving on the right is no problem except that it is not for the Gentleman - the reason being is that the seat belt goes accross my boutonniere (my flower) and can pull it out... So not Gentleman friendly.

Weather has been cooler today with showers...will keep you updated as to our progress.

The Sun has arrived!

In 'France'

After a couple of quiet days waiting for the sun to come out...it finally arrived. So we took a drive South for about 2hours to Epcot World Showcase at Disney, meeting with our friends along the way - as they work in Disney we were able to get in as their visitors... The first place we headed for was 'France' for one or two of their amazing cakes! Sadly if you need the loo you have to go to Morrocco next door!

We later ate at Japan Tariaki n rice n chopsticks. After a long day and a long drive we arrived back at 10pm ish.  A quiet day is needed tomorrow!  But it was great that we both had the energy to do all we wanted. I must have walked miles but we both felt ok!

Epcot ...May's hat is at the bottom!
Alex, May and Pem caught in a causual pose!!
my shadow apparently caused by something called the Sun
The British pub in Epcot next to a Fish n Chip shop!!!
Our dear Christian friends Wayne n Pem
More Golf buggys
The waitress does this for every customer in the Diner!
No comment
May on her buggy
Ok it's a Starbucks..we live in the fast lane!

Lazy day

Some folks we chatted to with 'Thor' their 18month GoldenDoodle.

We had a lazy day today (so what's new!!).. Anyway we sat in Sumpter Landings, an area in the Villages where we are staying...we drank cofi, Frapatchinos and talked to many folks and stroked a great number of dogs, spoke with a Vietnam Vet who was a chopper pilot. The folks are just so friendly.

Our friend's Birthday at Disney

We drove South to Disney for our friend Pem's birthday..so have enclosed a few photos for you.

Polynesian Hotel where we ate
Later we walked to the Florida Hotel
May drove her buggy!!
A relaxing evening
At last a loo for a Gentleman!
Next day...back to reality!
Back at the Villages - another Golf Buggy!
May still attached to her phone
May as a baby? Wee one typing on a mobile!! Amazing!
The mind boggles

She led us astray again!

Well today we decided to visit a large shopping Mall in Ocala (About 25 miles). We decided to entered into our SatNav the number, the road and area zip n it came up fine...we set off and very soon ran into a diversion with flashing Police lights..our SatNav was unable to handle this and eventually after repeated turns, a stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee we arrived at where she said the Mall was - it was just a bunch of broken down shacks... So we gave up and navigated our way back via various side roads and villages and Roadkill (none of which we stopped for to cook for supper!).

So we came back to the Villages n chilled, did some reading, watched the natives and drank coffee. 


Elvis is alive at the Villages!
His transport
His Roadie

some more Christian friends and classic cars

This was more May's style!!

Well after a a few days of lower temperatures (frm the 90s to the lower 80s) it has climbed up again into the mid 90's...with some regular Thunderstorms...ah well we will get used to it!

At the villages they had a large classic car show, so needless to say I went along to see the 'boys toys' - I recognised a few of them, an old MG TD a Roller, one Aston Martin, a VW Beetle convertible (old style) and a 2CV Charleston...the rest were a combination of Hot Rods and those Gas Guzzlers that handle like a jelly.

Yesterday we visited some other Christian friends and met with two elderly missionaries, now too olld to be on the field.  Our friends house had a pool and a river at the bottom of the garden. During our stay we were treated with a pair of Alligators serenely floating by and saw some babies in the reeds.... no good if you have a cat or dog in the garden!

Anyway instead of me boring you will words let me show you some phots..first from the Classic cars then our friends place.

Their outdoor pool

Last week

the break has quickly gone and we are refreshed,thoughtful and prayerful.

May had her '27th' birthday at Disney with our friends and the day before we enjoyed a BBQ with other friends and May shared birthday celebrations with the elderly retired Missionary, whose birthday was a few days previous.

on May's birthday we ate at the Rose n Crown the 'British' Pub in Disney and at last I got a sort of Curry..the Foridians don't eat Indian food but mostly their food is a bit bland and plastic.. So May n I tucked into the 'sort of' curry. We were served by a lovely girl from near Birmingham and later a lad from Sunderland! We also said goodbye to a friend whom we have come to love and respect - she plays the piano in the Rose n Crown but is also a concert and Jazz pianist- I have a you tube video below the photos of one of her Jazz sessions - enjoy

we have now returned to our wee hoose in the Villages and leave tommorrow to return our Jeep n book into an Airport hotel so we can relax before our flight into Glasgow Friday nite.

We expect to have serious Jet Lag (or Jock lag??') and with May's constant tiredness she wont't know what Planet she is on, let alone what day it is. But we are very much looking forward to returning to our beloved Scotland and our friends.....and getting used to driving on the left again!!..and the joy of Roundabouts instead of the 'close your eyes n just go for it' 4 way stops, which even some of our US friends admit they find a game of chance and dare!

May's birthday cake shared the our Missionary friend
Our friend Carol - a lovely lady!

At Orlando Airport hotel

Sad goodbye to our dear friends

Well we made it to the Airport. We took the Jeep back and our friends insisted they would take us to the Airport..which we were glad of as it was a nightmare!

Anyway just 2moro to go...then back to reality!

Two Virgin planes
Hotel roof pool
Pem and May

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Bill Eleanor Bel | Reply 10.05.2015 18.03

John/May, good times, how I missed Alistair Cookes Letter from America,
until now, nice photos, thanks for sharing, all cool here, well 12 degrees!!
Haste back

Bd777@me.com | Reply 28.04.2015 19.33

John and May
I'm loving this. Love to you both. I look forward to updates.
Brenda 💗 xxx

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